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Fight Illness with these Similar Sounding Oils

ravensara and ravintsara for colds

As we work our way into fall, we start to think about cold and flu season. For Aromatherapists this means looking at essential oils that enhance the immune system alongside dealing with symptoms of colds and flu. There are two essential oils that come to mind but are surrounded by confusion. They are Ravensara (Ravensara… (read more)

A Beautiful Blue Oil

German Chamomile essential oil

When researching essential oils you may see “Chamomile” mentioned. But, did you know that there are two different Chamomile essential oils? They have similar uses, but also some very distinct differences. One of the oils, Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), has been discussed previously in this blog. German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is the other essential oil,… (read more)

What Oil do you want to experience?


With the rising popularity of Aromatherapy, there seems to be an availability of a larger number of essential oils. Sure, everyone is familiar with Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), but have you heard of Opopanax (Commiphora guidottii)? And when you go to dilute an essential oil there is an array of base oils… (read more)

The 7 Essential Oils I Can’t Live Without

Essential oil plants

Whenever I enter a discussion on essential oils, someone will usually ask what my favorite oil is. (That’s easy – it’s Rose). With that answered, the conversation then leads to other essential oils and which ones I use most regularly. Therefore, I felt it was time to share the seven essential oils I can’t live… (read more)

Lovely Lemon Balm

Melissa officinalis

Melissa, or lemon balm as it is commonly known, is growing rampant this time of year. The plant makes a mild-tasting tea that’s perfect to wile away a summer afternoon. There was a restaurant I used to visit in Southern California that would serve a delightful tea made from lemon balm leaves plucked fresh from… (read more)

Tea Tree’s Nicer Smelling Cousin


The scent of Tea Tree can be overly medicinal sometimes. So try experimenting with Cajeput (Melaleuca cajuputi) essential oil, a relative to Tea Tree. It has a camphoraceous aroma but also a fresh, uplifting, and fruity quality. It has similar properties to its cousin but the odor is less harsh and “disinfectant” smelling. It can… (read more)

Bright and Sunny Tangerine


On bright sunny days, like we have been having here lately in Colorado, I think of Tangerines. Their orange globes resemble the sun but offer sweet coolness instead of heat. But both the globe in the sky and the fruit give brightness and joy. The essential oil of Tangerine (Citrus reticulata) maintains these attributes. The… (read more)

Palo Santo: The Sacred Wood

Palo Santo

Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) essential oil is not overly common. I stumbled upon it several years ago and the scent intrigued me. Its balsamic and slightly woody fragrance pulled me to it although I did not know how I could use it. I found it to be beautiful when diffused, but it has greater benefits…. (read more)