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Elemental Aromas, LLC

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Using Essential Oils for Healing and Balance


The ancient technique of Aromatherapy is based on the application of essential oils. These oils, extracted from herbs, flowers, seeds, woods and roots, are inhaled thereby sending signals to an area of the brain responsible for regulating emotions and memories. Aromatic substances can also elicit physiological responses when applied to the body, as the oils… (read more)

My Mistakes with Essential Oils

Lavender and Book

With Aromatherapy increasing in popularity, many people are using essential oils to cure what ails them. Along the way, budding essential oil enthusiasts are using Aromatherapy in less-than-safe ways. Many have been there – so excited about something new that they jump right in. I’ve been there, too. When I first ventured into the world of… (read more)

A Sweet Ethereal Oil


Myrrh is a famous plant substance with roots in biblical times, but it has a not-so-famous cousin called Opopanax. Opopanax (Commiphora guidottii), or sweet myrrh, is probably the variety mentioned in the Song of Solomon. It has a sweeter, softer scent than its relative which is sharper smelling. In the past the resin would have… (read more)

Fragrant Fragonia


Australia gives us many well-known essential oils, such as Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, but also the lesser-known Fragonia™. This relatively new oil is related to the other two, but has some remarkable properties all its own. While the oil works on similar physical conditions benefited by Tea Tree (such as minor cuts, wounds, bites, and… (read more)