A Personal Story of Healing

Purple roses by Jacinta Lluch Valero on Flickr

Aromatherapy is a powerful healer. How do I know? Well… put a blend in your burner, relax, and I’ll tell you my story.

Years ago my life was at a stressful high. As a result I developed dreadful insomnia. It would take hours to fall asleep and I would wake up often during the night. I tried suggestions from my doctor and health food store clerks. Nothing worked.

As luck would have it, I received a gift that included lavender massage oil. Curious, I went to the store it came from to learn more. I skimmed an aromatherapy book and later, based on an idea in the book, put the massage oil on a cotton ball and placed it in my pillowcase. That night I fell asleep in five minutes for the first time in six weeks.

This turn of events impressed me so much that I was inspired to study essential oils further. I developed a blend that did wonders at keeping insomnia at bay. That blend, called Deep Sleep, changed little over time and has become a great-selling item. People have brought friends to me so they can try it. It works.

That journey into essential oils started me on the path to where I am now… helping myself and others find relief from stress and common ailments. If you have a minor health problem, want to pamper yourself, or just want your room to smell nice, aromatherapy can help. No matter where it takes you, it is sure to be a wonderfully aromatic journey.

Has aromatherapy helped heal you? Please share your story below.

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