To Be Registered or Not To Be Registered: An Aromatherapist’s Dilemma

oil bottles at Aboca MuseumI was asked about becoming a ‘Registered’ Aromatherapist. Here is that dialogue:

Q: Do you use it in your practice? Do people consider it a plus when looking for a practitioner?

A: Being a Registered Aromatherapist is essential for me as it is THE ONLY credential in the United States. You can be ‘certified’ but that title is vague as it is not regulated. Some can get ‘certified’ after only a few days course. I am not saying that all Certified Aromatherapists are lacking education. I suggest that the title doesn’t automatically infer an advanced education. Registration, however, implies that one has a broad and extensive education in order to pass the exam.

If more Aromatherapists become registered it will help bring about a standard in the U.S. with more credibility. Maybe it will lead to Aromatherapy being recognized in medical fields. But before Aromatherapists are recognized outside of our field we must learn how to be recognized amongst ourselves. Also, if we don’t make standards for ourselves, some other group may decide for us.

For me, Registration is important. It ensures that I am current on my studies because it must be renewed regularly. I also respect others who are Registered and trust information they offer. I have spoken to those in other fields who claim to be Aromatherapists because they took an adjunct course for a short time in school. These people concern me. During our conversations I often discover that their scope of knowledge is quite limited, and a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

At first I was unsure about taking the test. Now I am convinced it was the right path to follow. I think it gives me an advantage over Aromatherapists with less. If you took the test, how has it helped you?

For more information, visit Aromatherapy Registration Council.

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