Green Cleaning with Essential Oils

green cleaning

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House cleaning. No one enjoys it (me included) but it has to be done. A clean home is more inviting and, generally, necessary. So, can it be made better? More fun? Less toxic? Yes, yes, and yes – when you enhance the experience with essential oils.

Household cleaning is a regular activity. We clean our homes to kill germs and make our living areas inviting. But the chemicals in common cleaning products can cause a variety of health problems for you, your family and your pets. Results from the Detroit Exposure and Aerosol Research Study showed that people exposed to pollutants, including home cleaners, experienced a narrowing of blood vessels and an increase in blood pressure. Another study, at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, found that the chemicals in household cleaners can trigger the onset or worsening of respiratory conditions.

To avoid toxic exposure, try cleaning Green. Create your own nontoxic products and make your house sparkle without using dangerous chemicals. Then use aromatherapy to add a favorite scent to the atmosphere and make cleaning more enjoyable (citrus essential oils make the time pass more quickly). Throw out your cleaning supplies and use these for a safe way to clean and disinfect:

Baking Soda – Gentle scouring powder and odor absorber.
Borax – Natural mineral compound that lifts dirt, softens water, and is a fungicide/insecticide.
Essential Oils – eucalyptus (antiseptic), grapefruit (revitalizing; antibacterial), lavender (relaxing; antibacterial; antifungal), lemon (uplifting; deodorizing; do not use on granite or marble), peppermint (air purifier), and tea tree (antibacterial; antifungal; antiseptic; antiviral).
Filtered Water – Tap water may contain salts and minerals that lead to spotting.
Liquid Castile Soap – Biodegrades quickly.
White Vinegar – Cuts grease and dissolves build-up; do not use on stone surfaces.

This recipe is the first natural cleaner that I made:
Scouring Cream Cleanser
1/2 cup baking soda
3 drops essential oil (i.e. lavender, lemon or tea tree)
1 ounce liquid castile soap
Blend baking soda and essential oil. Slowly add liquid soap until a creamy paste forms. Store in a jar with a tight-fitting lid.

Green cleaning is good for your heart, lungs and home.

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