Grapefruit: A Golden Orb for Happiness


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The calendar may say that summer is coming to an end, but the sun is still shining strong where I live. That golden orb offers brightness and happiness, much like the golden orb of a grapefruit. In fact, the essential oil from that fruit’s peel can make you feel bright and happy like you might on a beautiful summer day.

If you are looking to be calm but alert, and shake off mild depression, than seek out grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) essential oil. The scent is fresh and clean and brightens the mood. It will leave you energized in a way that’s uplifting but not jittery.

Grapefruit also helps with physical ailments. It can balance hormones while reducing fluid retention and bloating, making PMS or menopause easier. The essential oil is even more of a friend to women by reducing cellulite through lymphatic system detoxification. A study was conducted to see the effect of aromatherapy massage on the abdominal fat of post-menopausal women. The researchers concluded that massage with a blend including grapefruit essential oil could reduce abdominal subcutaneous fat and waist circumference. Another reason grapefruit makes you happy!

To get these effects at home you can massage cellulite areas with our Detox and Tone Body Oil, which contains a blend that includes grapefruit essential oil. To boost the effect by increasing circulation to the area, you can begin with the stimulating salt scrub below.

Detox Salt Scrub
1 cup sea salt
5 drops Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) essential oil
10 drops Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) essential oil
5 drops Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) essential oil
1/2 cup carrier oil
Place all ingredients in a jar and stir until well combined. Use in the tub several times a week, followed by a massage with Detox and Tone Body Oil. Note: be careful as the tub surface will get slippery.

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