Fir is First in Immune Building

Abies alba Mill. III

Image courtesy of Juan de la Cruz Moreno Balboa at

Fir (Abies alba) is a wonderful scent this time of year. It is reminiscent of a deep forest where you may venture to get your holiday trees and wreaths. The foresty aroma reminds us of the evergreens that are still alive this time of year when the rest of nature seems barren. These bright green conifer trees keep our spirits up, but also help boost our immune system at a time when colds run rampant.

A component of fir oil, called d-limonene, has been studied and has shown to stimulate white blood cells that fight infection. Other constituents of the essential oil help the respiratory system by making fir an expectorant and decongestant, while also drying mucous and calming a spastic cough. These properties make fir a great addition to any blend (like the one below) used when you feel like you are getting sick. Diffuse it when you are starting to feel run down, want to kill airborne germs and bacteria, or just want to enjoy the bright winter scent.

Wintertime Immune blend
3 drops Fir (Abies alba) essential oil
2 drops Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) essential oil
3 drops Lemon (Citrus limon) essential oil
4 drops Pine (Pinus sylvestris) essential oil

Other healing properties of fir are that it is analgesic and anti-inflammatory. When diluted in a carrier oil for massage it can help with cases of arthritis, muscular aches and pains, and rheumatism. A variety of fir called Siberian fir (Abies sibirica) has a balsamic aroma that is calming, so if you add it to your massage oil your aches can go away as you become more relaxed. That sounds like a good idea on any cold winter’s night.

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