Love Your Lungs with Hyssop

Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis)

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Lately I’ve been hearing so much about people suffering from respiratory ailments, whether due to allergies or illness. It’s apparently a tough time of year for the lungs. If you have seasonal allergies, the cold that’s going around, or just want to breathe easier, aromatherapy can be of service. And no essential oil loves the lungs better than Hyssop.

When choosing an essential oil of Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) you may see different varieties available. The safest is Hyssopus var. decumbens as it does not contain the potentially toxic ketones found in Hyssopus officinalis. So that is the hyssop I discuss when I refer to the oil in this post.

The particular hyssop that I have is from a dear teacher’s garden. Her husband, being prone to severe asthma attacks, grows hyssop so that they can distill it for his use. He recounts a story of an attack being halted on the way to the hospital because he inhaled from a bottle of his hyssop. It is wonderful that he was helped by plant medicine he created.

Hyssop, as mentioned, is beneficial to asthma sufferers. It is useful for many respiratory problems because it loosens chest tightness, relieves bronchial spasms, and opens the bronchial tubes to allow in more air. Studies have proven that the essential oil of “Hyssop has moderate antioxidant and antimicrobial activity … together with antifungal and antiviral properties.” With antimicrobial and antiviral aspects it can help when there is a chest infection, too.

Per Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD, Khella (Ammi visnaga) is good for asthma and hay fever as well, so it would be a good choice to combine with Hyssop for those ailments. If allergies are a problem, then Schnaubelt mentions Moroccan Chamomile (Tanacetum annum) as anti-allergenic and anti-asthmatic therefore making it’s use with Hyssop appropriate for allergy sufferers. Two other recommendations he makes are Eucalyptus radiata and Ravensare aromatica for their expectorant and anti-asthmatic qualities.

The best way to reach the lungs with an essential oil is to inhale the aromatic vapor. A convenient and easy way to do that is with an aromatherapy inhaler. Try out this recipe:
Love Your Lungs Inhaler
4 drops Hyssop (Hyssopus var. decumbens) essential oil
2 drops Khella (Ammi visnaga) essential oil
3 drops Ravensara (Ravensare aromatica) essential oil
To make an inhaler, drop essential oils onto the cotton pad of the inhaler and snap the inhaler together. To use the inhaler, remove the lid, holding the sleeve up to one nostril, and inhale.

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