An Intriguing Essential Oil from Australia

kunzea ambigua

Image courtesy of Fagg, M for the Australian National Botanic Gardens

Today’s essential oil takes us to southeastern Australia. It is a newer oil in Aromatherapy circles as it has been steam-distilled from the flowering branches for less than two decades. Early settlers first noticed this shrub because they saw animals sleeping under it. It was discovered that the animals did so to rid themselves of ticks, thus leading to its nickname of ‘Tick Bush.’ The plant is Kunzea (Kunzea ambigua).

As the sleeping animals alluded to, the essential oil acts as an insect repellant but it can aid with many other problems. It offers “relief from, arthritis, rheumatism, muscular aches and pains, insect bites and insect bite inflammation, (and) symptoms of influenza.” In a massage oil it can soothe tired joints or bruised soft tissue, but also irritated red spots and any instance where there is dry, flaking, and itchy skin.

With the ability to be an anti-anxiety, the oil lessens stress, nervous tension, and mental exhaustion. It has even been known to ease the pain of migraines. In Robbi Zeck’s book she mentions that Kunzea helps with deep emotional pain that has been suppressed by assisting in the release of physical and emotional pain.

So, whether your limb or your heart is bruised, multitalented Kunzea can bring healing and pain relief. The oil is another instance of the wonderful essential-oil-giving plants from down under.

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