Fragrant Fragonia



Australia gives us many well-known essential oils, such as Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, but also the lesser-known Fragonia™. This relatively new oil is related to the other two, but has some remarkable properties all its own. While the oil works on similar physical conditions benefited by Tea Tree (such as minor cuts, wounds, bites, and stings), it is thought to work on a deep emotional level as well.

Aromatic medical specialist Dr. Daniel Penoel recognizes that it has a “unique power of harmonisation and rebalancing … (that helps) to release many of the old blockages from an emotional perspective.” This can bring peace and balance on emotional, physical and spiritual levels by helping one to rid themselves of old behavior patterns. It also alleviates grief and sadness, while helping one to open up and be calm.

This essential has also shown to have an influence on the entire respiratory system, from the sinuses through to the lungs. It is anti-infectious to help kill respiratory infections but it can also help break up mucous secretions if you already have a cold. It even soothes irritated coughs.

Dr. Penoel sees the oil as being very gentle and safe enough to use daily to strengthen the immune system. He does this by placing diluted oil over the lymph nodes at the side of the neck, the armpits and groin. This is especially helpful during the winter months.

Fragonia™ helps one to relax so it has been shown to improve the depth of sleep. It also helps with disturbed sleep caused by jet lag. It can minimize this problem by regulating the body clock and the sleep cycle.

If you’d like to use this special essential oil at bedtime, try this blend in a diffuser:
3 drops Fragonia™ essential oil
3 drops Marjoram essential oil
2 drops Sweet Orange essential oil


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