Essential Oils and Cat Safety

cats and essential oil safety

cats and essential oil safety

As a cat and essential oil lover, I have always been interested in the safe use of Aromatherapy around felines. From the start, I was taught that cats’ bodies do not process essential oils in the same manner as other animals such as dogs and horses. Sadly, I heard stories of cats that were injured because the owner used products on them that were meant for different species. So, what is a cat-loving essential-oil-using person to do?

Stillpoint Aromatics has the answer. “That doesn’t mean you need to throw your oils out. In fact, cats can benefit from essential oils in SAFE ways. You MUST have an education in essential oil chemistry and specifically in using oils around pets to confidently and safely treat your cats. Always leave a door to another room open when blending, formulating or diffusing so that your pet can leave if she needs to. … Your cat will decide what it wants.”

If you do use essential oils around your feline, “DO NOT let the oils touch a cat or a cat touch the oil with their nose.” The American College of Healthcare Sciences blog explains, “Cats are very sensitive to essential oils, as it is difficult for them to metabolize the essential oils back out of their systems. Cats do not have the right liver enzymes … to metabolize some types of compounds efficiently or at all. … Choose essential oils with monoterpene profiles when working with cats, and at low concentrations.”

Stillpoint offers the recommendation of using hydrosols instead of essential oils. “Hydrosols are safe for cats, but let them choose it. Do not chase them to spray them. Hold out the hydrosol or put it on a cloth and let the animal smell it. If she wants it she will let you know. She may rub up against it, or lick the air or her mouth.”

Also realize that a cat will not like all scents. I know this because I can get my furry felines to leave me alone at the bathroom sink by putting peppermint toothpaste under their noses. It doesn’t harm them but they will jump backwards and look surprised. This may act as aversion therapy for my pets while, at the same time, making me laugh.

6 responses to “Essential Oils and Cat Safety

  1. Hello ,

    I saw your tweet about animals and thought I will check your website. I like it!

    I love pets. I have two beautiful thai cats called Tammy(female) and Yommo(male). Yommo is 1 year older than Tommy. He acts like a bigger brother for her. 🙂
    I have even created an Instagram account for them ( ) and probably soon they will have more followers than me (kinda funny).

    I have subscribed to your newsletter. 🙂

    Keep up the good work on your blog.


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    • Hi Wiki. I’m glad you found my blog. I saw your cats instagram account and they are gorgeous, although mine are pretty beautiful, too 😉


  2. Thank you for posting this! I am so sure that essential oils played a role in the death of my cat last year. I was just given oils (that I didn’t ask for) and told nothing about them. There were no warning labels of ANY kind on the bottles and I was diffusing peppermint around my cat. I’ve read so many similar stories of people simply not knowing or being told anything about the dangers. I’m not sure it was oils that caused his death but it could have been. Thank you again for sharing!

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    • I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It’s tough when our furry friends pass on. Thank you for having the strength to post your comment. I am adamant about spreading the word for cat safety because they rely on us to keep them well and, as you mentioned, there is little information about cats and essential oils.

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      • Of course! I would hate for anything to happen to another animal. I was literally told nothing about them and had no reason to think anything bad could come of using them. I didn’t even know really what essential oils were. Like I said, I was just given some, thought peppermint smelled good (as if it were like a candle) and used it.

        More posts like this would be great! Thank you again for sharing. I haven’t used ANY oils since then because I have no idea what’s even safe and I’m a bit resentful honestly. *shrugs*

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      • Essential Oil safety is a priority for me because there is a minimal amount of published info and it can be confusing. I have posted on the safety of essential oil use with children, use in the sun, undiluted use, and internal use, among other safety issues. You can find them by searching for the tag “safety.” If I come across more good data on animal safety I promise I will write a new post on the subject.


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