About Us

Welcome to Elemental Aromas, LLC. Our goal is to help you achieve better health and well-being through Aromatherapy. We offer a place for you to find exciting and helpful information on essential oils and a variety of health topics. You can explore our blog and learn how to help yourself. Or you can let us do the heavy lifting by using one of our hand-crafted products with blends created by Linda Byington, Registered Aromatherapist.

Let’s start with some definitions. What is an ‘essential’ oil? It is the distilled product of the volatile components produced by plants. The term ‘volatile’ means ‘readily vaporizable at a relatively low temperature.’ Essential oils readily evaporate when exposed to air.

Although essential oils are not essential to a plant’s life they do help plants in their own ways. They are produced to attract beneficial insects that aid in pollination or prey on the plant’s predators. The oils also protect the plant by repelling harmful insects.

Essential oils come from leaves (peppermint), flowers (lavender), roots (valerian), bark (cinnamon), seeds (fennel), needles (fir), peel (grapefruit), berries (pimento), bulb (garlic), or resin (benzoin).

The oils are highly concentrated – 250 pounds of rosemary makes 1 pound oil; 2000 pounds of rose petals makes 1 pound oil.